How do I get an activation code for Hulu?

Hulu provides you with the way into the mainstreaming compilation to watch thousands of shows and films, particular origins, the previous season, present episodes and extra on your favorite devices. You can also add live TVs for sports and news. It comes with 70-hour DVR storage, allowing you to evidence live TVs and afterwards in your My Stuff piece. User can effortlessly use this for extra aid. Check the Steps for hulu activation below.

From the Welcome screen, select Sign in and then enable on a computer. An hulu activation code will be displayed on the next screen.

Visit and log in when prompted.

Enter the unique activation code that will appear on your TV screen and you should be logged in within 30 seconds or follow steps for hulu activation.

Launch the Hulu app on the new device you want to access Hulu on. This process will be the same for Roku, Xbox One, PS4, and most other devices you’ll want to access Hulu on.

You’ll land on a screen that will prompt you to either log in or start a free Hulu trial.

Select “Log In.” You’ll be taken to a log in screen that will give you the option to either activate this device on a computer or log in with your account information.

In this example, we’ll choose “Activate on a Computer.” The next screen will tell you to go to and then enter the activation code that appears on your screen.

Open your web browser and navigate to,

Enter the password for your Hulu account. You’ll arrive at an Activate Your Device screen.

Enter the hulu activation code you were presented on the device you want to access Hulu on, and then press “Activate.”

A message appears notifying you that you’ve successfully activated your device on Hulu. Now, when you return to the device you can move forward with accessing your Hulu account.